The Social Structure of Right and Wrong

The Social Structure of Right and Wrong

The Social Structure of Right and Wrong. San Diego: Academic Press, 1993 (revised softcover edition, 1998). ASA Theory Prize, 1994, ASA Distinguished Book Award, 1994       
By Donald Black

Distinguished Book Award 1994
American Sociological Association
Sociology of Law Division
Theory Prize 1994

From Book News, Inc., August 1, 1993

Offers new sociological theory on vengeance, discipline, negotiation, toleration and other relatively unexplored topics. Explores partism and non partism forms of conflict management, and introduces such innovative concepts as crime as self-help and moralism as social reulsion. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, OR.

The revised paperback edition features a new prologue and updated citations. The book extends the theoretical approach of Black's classic Behavior of Law (Academic Press, 1976) to a dramatically larger universe: the handling of conflict across societies and history. It also introduces and illustrates Black's "pure sociology," a new theoretical paradigm applicable to human behavior of every kind.

"Black has contributed much to sociology and law...The discipline of sociology of law owes him much for his...relentless effort, unsurpassed intellect, and selfless devotion."
--Kam C. Wong, International Journal of the Sociology of Law.

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