Transfer Students

Welcome to Sociology at the University of Virginia.  If you are new to the University and interested in declaring a major, please understand that you cannot declare until you have taken Sociology 1010 (or another UVa Sociology course, if you are entering with an introductory sociology course from another institution) and at least one other Sociology course, and received a “C” or better.  Thus, you will not be able to declare until January after your first semester at the earliest.  If you face an imminent deadline to declare, any member of the Undergraduate Studies Committee can sign a form to defer the declaration of the major.  

For detailed information on deferring the Sociology major, please view an informative presentation here.

If you are an entering third-year, consider enrolling in Sociology 1010 and Sociology 3120.  Sociology 3120 and 3130 form a required two-course sequence, and Soc 3120 is not given in the spring; thus if you do not take 3120 this fall, you will have to take the two-course sequence in your last year, which is not ideal.

All requests for transfer credit must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. In order to count towards the Sociology major all transferred courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Please note that the courses which are considered for transfer cannot be substituted for SOC 3020, 3120, or 4000 level courses.

Up to 6 credits of courses towards the major may be taken outside the Sociology Department.  These credits may include courses from related fields at UVa and courses from another institution or a study abroad program.  Students planning to study abroad must get written pre-approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in advance of their travel.  

Transferred credits for SOC 1010 exempt a student from taking this course in the department; however, in this case the student must take another 3-credit Sociology course at any level to make up the required number of credit hours.  Note for incoming Transfer students: In order to declare the Sociology major, six pre-requisite credits must be taken at UVa.