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Studying Abroad

The Sociology department encourages students to study abroad.  Education abroad creates dynamic interactions between the learners and the learning environment and exposes students to different peoples, cultures, and perspectives. Students gain an international outlook on their chosen academic field and develop important skills, such as critical thinking, independence, flexibility, resilience, and the ability to communicate across differences.  Every year, some of our majors opt to spend a semester learning in another country in one of the University’s own programs or in an approved program operated by another institution.  


The International Studies Office is charged with providing opportunities for UVA students to engage with the world through meaningful academic pursuits and helping students apply their newly gained global perspective to future endeavors. The ISO collaborates with schools and faculty to offer academically rigorous and culturally enriching programs. Education Abroad staff advise students through goal setting and program selection, guide them through logistical arrangements, prepare them for cultural and academic adjustment, and maintain student records.

Education Abroad Team Contact Information:

Education Abroad Advisors by Region:

A partial list of study-abroad programs that are suitable for sociology majors is available here:

The cost of education abroad depends on the program and program type. Information about financial resources and planning is available here:


Courses taken in a study-abroad program may be included in the two elective courses taken outside the Department that may be counted toward the major.  However, students who wish to count such courses toward the major must request and receive written pre-approval from the Director of Undergraduate Programs in advance of enrollment.  Information on meeting other College requirements is available here: