The Problem of Post-Racialism

The Problem of Post-Racialism.  Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
By Milton Vickerman

Although President Obama's election in 2008 accelerated the debate over whether American society is post-racial, in reality, the idea of a non-racial America has several manifestations, and post-racialism is a variable. Vickerman argues that whilst some manifestations are ideologically-driven, others also coincide with ideas that postulate the non-importance of race in America. Moreover, the ascent of a black president, against the backdrop of a traumatic racial history, has highlighted the black middle class's pivotal role as a symbol of racial progress. But are they post-racial?The Problem of Post-Racialism tackles questions such as these through a combination of theory and empirical analysis.

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The Problem of Post-Racialism
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