The New Media Environment

THe New Media Environment

The New Media Environment: An Introducation, Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.
By Andrea Press (Author), and Bruce A. Williams (Author)

Media Studies examines the new and rapidly developing fieldof media studies to discover what insights it has to offer studentsand general readers as they negotiate their way through the new -and thoroughly saturated - media environment.

  • Explores how recent changes in our media affect the way wewatch older media like television, movies, and radio, and offer uprich new interactive media, like video games and the internet
  • The perfect introduction to the field of media studies
  • Chronicles the recent dramatic changes in communicationtechnologies, arguing that most of life itself is now experiencedas 'mediated'
  • Discusses the development of cable and satellite television,VCRs, DVDs, the internet and personal computers
  • Emphasizes the broader political, social, and economic context within which these important new technologies have developed


"The book contains both extensive footnotes and a completebibliography and index." (Communication Research Trends, 2011)

"If your students read just one book on the contemporary mediaenvironment, this should be it. Press and Williams deliver amasterful overview of the changing media landscape –addressing issues of ownership, politics, democracy, and identity– written in lively, lucid prose." (Laura Grindstaff,University of California at Davis)

"This accessible text draws readers into the complex newdynamics shaping our  media environment today. From film tonews, economics to textual interpretation, Press and Williamsprovide an indispensable introduction to the debates that now drivemedia studies." (Nick Couldry, Goldsmiths, University ofLondon)

“Solidly founded on responsible media scholarship, thiscrisp analysis of the new media environment makes the novel seemfamiliar and the familiar seem novel. Press and Williams’bright and timely text demonstrates once again that there’snothing so practical as good theory.” (Menahem Blondheim,Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

An Introduction
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