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Program Requirements

NOTE: Application Deadline JANUARY 15 
for all students wishing full consideration of their application.

For the most comprehensive information on the
graduate program in Sociology, please view our
Graduate Student Handbook

In May 2021, the Faculty of the Sociology Department approved changes to the Department’s degree requirements which will apply to students entering in the 2021-2022 and subsequent academic years.  The old degree requirements will continue to apply to students who began graduate study in the 2011-2020 academic years.  However, those students may opt to petition the Director of Graduate Studies for permission to meet the new requirements.  Such a petition should include a detailed plan of study showing how the new requirements will be met.

New Degree Requirements (entering 2021 or after)

Degree Requirements (entering 2011 - 2020)

Old Degree Requirements (entering 2010 or prior)

Comprehensive Exams


Petitions, Transfers, Waivers