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Professor Allison Pugh in University of Chicago's Sponsored Panel on Family Sociology on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of a special issue of AJS devoted to “Changing Women in a Changing Society.” 

The Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality at the University of Chicago is organizing a series of virtual panel discussions around key areas of feminist sociology. Our first panel discussion will be on Monday, November 14th at 5pm CST. The theme is, "The Sociology of the Family: Taking Stock of the Field and Imagining the Future." It features Prof. Marbella Eboni Hill (Stanford University), Prof. Allison Pugh (University of Virginia), and Prof. Rin Reczek (Ohio State) in conversation with UChicago PhD alum, Prof. Jaclyn Wong (University of South Carolina). 

Registration information for the Zoom event is available in the flyer which can be found here.