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Thomas Guterbock

Professor of Sociology & Academic Director Of Center For Survey Research
Curriculum Vitae (434.08 KB)

Research Interests: Survey Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, Health Services Research

Thomas Guterbock is Academic Director of the Center for Survey Research, Professor of Sociology and Research Professor of Public Health Sciences at the University of Virginia.  He is a nationally known survey methodologist and researcher with experience across a wide range of issues, including health, health care, and health services research.  He has wide experience working with government officials and academic researchers and is known for his skill in survey design and in devising smoothly flowing questionnaires.  He is a frequent presenter of research papers at the annual meetings of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and served on the AAPOR Executive Council as the elected 2006-2007 Standards Chair.  He served as 2010-11 President of the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations, an association which he helped to found.  In 2017 he received AASRO's John M. Kennedy Achievement Award for career achievement and contributions to the field of survey research.

Guterbock’s training and background (B.A. from Yale, Ph.D. from the University of Chicago) include both qualitative field methods and advanced multivariate statistical methods. He teaches survey methods at the graduate and undergraduate levels. In his capacity as founding director of CSR, he has been involved in about 500 funded survey projects, covering telephone, mail-out, in-person, and Internet modes as well as multi-mode projects.  Projects related to health include population surveys of health behaviors and health needs, surveys of consumer health information preferences, health issues affecting African-Americans and residents of Appalachia, unmet surgical need in Rwanda, women’s knowledge about breast density and breast cancer risk, and studies of technological and ethical issues confronting health professionals. 

Guterbock is currently working on creation of a regional survey panel that will serve the needs of local governments and non-profits in the Charlottesville area, as well as University researchers.

Selected Publications

“The Changing Costs of RDD Cell Phone and Landline Interviewing” [with Paul J. Lavrakas and Grant Benson].  Survey Practice 11 (2), March 2018.

“Tailored Educational Approaches for Consumer Health: A Model to Address Health Promotion in an Era of Personalized Medicine” [with Wendy F. Cohn, Jason Lyman, Donna K. Broshek, David Hartman, Mable Kinzie, David Mick, Aaron Pannone, Vanessa Sturz, Jane Schubart, and Arthur T. Garson].  American Journal of Health Promotion (First published 12 Jan 2017).

“From Loquacious to Reticent: Understanding Patient Health Information Communication to Guide Consumer Health IT Design” [with Rupa S. Valdez, Kara Fitzgibbon, Ishan C. Williams, Claire A. Wellbeloved-Stone, Jaime E. Bears, and Hannah K. Menefee]. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (First published 9 Jan 2017). DOI:

“What Do Women Know About Breast Density?  Results from a Population Survey of Virginia Women” [with Wendy F. Cohn, Deborah L. Rexrode, Casey M. Eggleston, Melissa Dean-McKinney, Wendy M. Novicoff, Martin J. Yaffe, William A. Knaus and Jennifer A. Harvey]. Journal of the American College of Radiology 14 (2017), Issue 1: 34-44.

“Survey Experiments” [with Steven L. Nock].  Pp. 837-865 in James Wright and Peter Marsden, eds., Handbook of Survey Research, Second Edition.  Wiley Interscience, 2010.

"Why Money Magazine’s “Best Places” Keep Changing."  Public Opinion Quarterly 61 (Summer 1997): 339-355.

"Visible Colleges:  The Organizational and Conceptual Structure of Sociology Specialties [with Charles L. Cappell].  American Sociological Review 57 (April, 1992): 266-73.

"Race-of-Interviewer Effects in a Pre-Election Poll" (with Steven E. Finkel and Marian J. Borg).  Public Opinion Quarterly 55 (Fall, 1991): 313-330.