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Andreja Siliunas

Lecturer in Sociology
Curriculum Vitae (205.38 KB)

Andreja Siliunas is a sociologist by training, having completed all requirements for a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from Harvard University (to be conferred in November of 2023). Her research brings cultural and organizational perspectives to bear on pressing issues of our time: inequality, political polarization, and the politics of national belonging in an interconnected world.  In her dissertation, titled The Art of Westernizing: Nationalism, Globalization, and the Politics of Public Art in Post-Soviet Lithuania, she examines the relationship between art and politics, particularly in the context of decolonial national movements in the post-Soviet region.  Her recent collaborations involve studies on related dynamics pertaining to art and politics in other international contexts (e.g., Lebanon, South Korea, and Argentina).  In another line of research, she investigates barriers to the equitable delivery of public services in the U.S.