Graduate Student News

Congratulations to Brooke Dinsmore, Sarah Johnson, Alex Sutton, Baliey Troia and Elissa Zeno on being awarded GSAS Graduate Student Council Research Grants!

Congratulations to Brooke, Sarah, Alex, Bailey adn Elissa on being awarded GSAS Graduate Student Council Research Grants.  Five out of the twelve awards given out this year were awarded to Sociology Graduate Students!  89 graduate students applied across Arts and Sciences and Sociology was by far the most represented among the winners.   Well done!

Sarah Mosseri Awarded Two-Year Postdoctoral Position at The University of Sydney Business School

Congratulations to Sarah Mosseri on being awarded a two-year postdoctoral position in the Women, Work and Leadership Research Group at the Work and Organizational Studies program at The University of Sydney Business School.  Way to go Sarah!

Mary-Collier Wilks and Elissa Zeno Receive NSF Dissertation Research Improvement Grants

Mary-Collier Wilks and Elissa Zeno received NSF Dissertation Research Improvement Grants.  The Sociology program awarded only 15 grants this year and Mary-Collier and Elissa are part of that elite group of recipients.  Well done!

Candace Miller Awarded Two-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship at Indiana University-Bloomington

Congratulations to Candace Miller on being awarded a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Indiana University-Bloomington!  She has accepted a fellowship apointment at IUB's Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society and its School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Brooke Dinsmore's Article On How Teachers and Students Negotiate Social Media in the Classroom in Information, Communication and Society.

Congratulations to Brooke Dinsmore on her published article on how teachers and students negoitate social media in the classroom in the journal Information, Communication and Society.  Check is out here.

Fauzia Husain's Essay in the Organizations, Occupations and Work Newsletter

Congratulations to Fauzia Husain on her invited essay in the Organizations, Occupations and Work newsletter here based on her dissertation research.  

Alida Goffinski Receives the Global South Lab Fellowship

Congratulations to Alida Goffinski on receiving the Global South Lab Fellowship from the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures. Congratulations Alida!

Mary-Collier Wilks' Publication of Paper

Congratulations to Mary-Collier Wilks on having her paper entitled "Activist, Entrepreneur, or Caretaker?: Negotiating Varieties of Women in Development" accepted for publication in Gender and Society.  The paper will appear in the April 2019 issue.  Congratulations MC!

Candace Miller Has Been Awarded a Research Grant from Equitable Growth

Congratulations to Candace Miller who won a research grant from Equitable Growth, a non-profit research and grantmaking organization dedicated to advancing evidence-backed ideas and policies that promote strong, stable, and broad-based economic growth. The award will support Candace’s dissertation project entitled “Race, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Revitalization.” 

Jaime Hartless' Publication of Article

Congratulations to Jaime Hartless on the publication of her article:  "Questionable Queer: Understanding Straight Presence in the Post-Gay Bar"

Brooke Dinsmore's Publication of Paper

Mary-Collier Wilks Has Been Awarded a Fulbright For Her Dissertation Research

Mary-Collier Wilks won the Fulbright Award for her dissertation research.  Mary-Collier will be joining a distinguished cadre of scholars around the world as she investigates the impact of INGO’s in Cambodia. Please see UVA Today's coverage of her Fulbright project here. Congratulations MC.!

Candace Miller Has Been Awarded The Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

Candace Miller has been awarded the Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship for her dissertation entitled “Race, entrepreneurship and urban revitalization in Detroit” and the All-University Graduate Teaching Award in recognition of her dedication and outstanding achievement as a teacher. Congratulations Candace!

Sarah Mosseri Received The Double Hoo Research Grant

Congratulations Sarah Mosseri for receivng the Double Hoo Research Grant!

Catalina Vallejo Has Been Awarded The GSAS Disseration Completion Fellowship

Congratulations Catalina for being awarded the GSAS Dissertation Completion Fellowship and selected to teach in the Engagements Curriculum!