Exciting New Course on Networks and Society Being Offered Fall 2015

April 1, 2015

We are excited to be offering a new course next semester, SOC 3510- Networks and Society! Details are as follows; more information is available on SIS. Monday/Wednesday 2pm – 2:50pm at Maury Hall 104.This course focuses on theoretical and substantive themes within social network analysis.

We aim to develop an understanding of the ways that concrete relations among people affect a variety of aspects of social structure, culture, and behavior. Beyond analyzing the substantive and theoretical development of social network analysis over the past few decades, we also aim to hone our methodological skills and learn how to do empirical research involving social networks. Our learning goals include an understanding of the theory and general implications of network analysis, the ability to conduct basic empirical work in the area, and the development of critical and interpretive skills. Substantively, we will cover topics including friendship, sexual behavior, political power, and intellectual creativity.
“We won’t teach you how to network. We will teach you what a network is.”