The High Status Track: Studies of Elite Schools and Stratification

P.W. Kingston and L. Lewis (eds.) The High Status Track: Studies of Elite Schools and Stratification, Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 1990

"Elite preparatory schools and elite colleges have been neglected in the sociological literature. The research contained in this book suggests that recruitment to elite positions operates differently from recruitment to middle-class positions. This is highly significant."
- C. Hurn, University of Massachusetts

The essays in this groundbreaking volume significantly advance our understanding of the process by which an elite school education provides graduates with distinctly favorable life chances. The authors examine the contemporary issue and controversy in the field of education (and society) which focuses on both the advantages and disadvantages of public versus private schooling. Those interested in issures of social stratification and its impact in the educational context will find this a useful and important contribution to the literature in the field.

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The High Status Track
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