MA/QP Colloquium

Thursday, March 28, 2019 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Robertson Hall 227


Yapeng Wang
Title:  "Positively Maintained Inequality: Do Women from All Family Backgrounds Reach Parity or Surpass Men in College Attendance Over Time in China?"
Advisor:  Josipa Roksa

Elene Kekelia
Title: "Nationalism in exile: The memory of the Georgian émigré community (1921-2018)"
Adviser: Jeffrey K. Olick

Abigail Moore
Title: "Communion and Community: How Liberal Churches Maintain Communal Identity without Exclusionary Boundaries"
Advisor: Isaac Reed

Heidi Nicholls
Title: "The Cultural Politics of Sovereignty: Semiotic currents and the Polynesian Voyaging Society"
Advisor: Isaac Reed

Shayne Zaslow
Title:  "Mainstream Novelty: Examining the shifting visibility of drag performance"
Advisor:  Andrea Press

Alida Goffinski
Title: "Reception Study of Girodet's "Citoyen Belley": Ontological Metalepsis and the Paradox of Blackness, 1798-2016"
Advisor: Isaac Reed