Course Clusters

Undergraduate Course Clusters

The Sociology department has organized some of its common course offerings in “clusters” reflecting substantive themes or emphases, designed to guide undergraduate students interested in a particular topic. Clusters do not appear on transcripts; instead they are merely voluntary groupings to help students see which courses are related.  Courses can be listed in multiple clusters. While the courses below are taught by current faculty, with some predictably taught every semester or year, there is no guarantee that a given course will be offered in a particular semester/year.  Undergraduates may contact faculty to ask if a particular course might be on the horizon.   We hope this helps your planning!

Crime, Law and Power:
Soc 2210: Drugs & Society                                                                     
Soc 2055: Law and Society                                                                     
Soc 2220: Social Problems                                                                     
Soc 2230: Criminology                                                                            
Soc 2380: Violence & Gender    
Soc 4230: Deviance & Social Control                                                                                                         
Soc 4260: Race Crime & Punishment                                                     
Soc 4660: Sociology of Power & Authority                                                
Soc 4055: Sociology of Law 

Culture, Art and Media:
Soc 2559: Sociology of Culture
Soc 3056: Culture and Power
Soc 3490: Cities and Cultures
Soc 3559: Sociology of American Film
Soc 4070: Sociology of Art

Family, Intimacy and the Self: 
Soc 2052:  Sociology of the Family 
Soc 3310: Sociology of the Self
Soc 4057: Family Policy
Soc 4058: Unequal Families

Global Economy, Organizations and Work:
Soc 2900: Economy and Society
Soc 3559: Sociology of Innovation
Soc 3440: Chinese Society
Soc 3470: Sociology of Development
Soc 3480: Sociology of Globalization
Soc 3710: Organizations, Institutions, Markets
Soc 4140: Sociology of Consumption
Soc 4190: Gender and Work
Soc 4290: Sociology of Money
Soc 4480: Sociology of Professions
Soc 4510: Special Topics in Work: The Ethics of Insecurity

Globalization and Development:
Soc 2630: Environmental Sociology
Soc 3440: Chinese Society
Soc 3470: Sociology of Development
Soc 3480: Sociology of Globalization 
Soc 4350: Comp. Gender Stratification

Health, Wellness and Emotions:
Soc 2559: Drugs and Society
Soc 3180: Sociology of Emotions 
Soc 3700: Health and Society
Soc 4280: Soc of Mental Health & Illness

Politics, Memory and Social Change: 
Soc 3640: Human Society in History
Soc 3820: Social Movements
Soc 4054: Political Sociology
Soc 4740: Trauma, Atrocity & Responsibility

Religion, Morality and Knowledge: 
Soc 3059: Sociology of Science & Knowledge
Soc 3090: Philosophical Foundations of Social Theory
Soc 4052: Sociology of Religious Behavior
Soc 4410: Sociological Phenomenology
Soc 4690 Scientists & Intellectuals in Society
Soc 4860: Sociology of Religion

Social Inequalities:
Soc 2220: Social Problems
Soc 2230: Criminology
Soc 2320: Gender and Society 
Soc 2442: Systems of Inequality
Soc 2595: Immigration & Society
Soc 3290: Sociology of Childhood 
Soc 3410: Race and Ethnic Relations
Soc 4053: Sociology of Education
Soc 4100: Sociology of the African-American Community
Soc 4190: Gender and Work
Soc 4230: Deviance and Social Control
Soc 4350: Comp. Gender Stratification
Soc 4559: Race, Crime and Punishment
Soc 4640: Urban Sociology
Soc 4750: Racism